Adoption (ABI) Society of Alberta is a non-profit society based in Edmonton. We are a resource for people touched by adoption, whatever form your journey has taken! ABI stands for “Adoption Beyond Infancy” and we are driven by a belief that every child deserves a family. We have a special interest in adoptions beyond infancy, but our services are not limited to adoptions involving older children.For a number of years, we have assisted adoptive families by providing information, education, support groups, workshops, and fun family events.

Anyone is welcome! Phone us, email us, or come to one of our meetings. Whether you need assistance or support, want to share your story, or want to volunteer to help promote adoption, this is your group.

ABI is a support group. We are not an adoption agency; we do not match kids with parents. The Government of Alberta is a great resource to help you become an adoptive family. You can even view some of the boys and girls available for adoption here.

In addition to public adoption, there are several private agencies in Alberta that handle adoptions. This site is a list of licensed adoption agencies in the province.

We are a member of the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC)