The Adoption (ABI) Society of Alberta, or ABI as we call ourselves, is a non-profit society run by passionate volunteers. Many of us have adopted children who are older or have special needs. Some of us have adopted through foster care, some through family adoptions and some through adoption agencies.

ABI (Adoption Beyond Infancy) is a resource for anyone touched by adoption. Are you interested in adopting? Call us! Do you have issues regarding an adoption? Call us! Just want to talk to other people who have adopted? Call us! We want to support and assist others along their adoption journeys.

We have a phone line, email support, and a resource library. We provide facilitated support meetings and host workshops, speakers, and family events. Whether you are already an adoptive family, waiting for a placement, or just looking for some information, we are here to help!

Please consider volunteering with us! Our Board of Directors is made-up of busy volunteers and we can always use more help. There are so many ways to be involved in the promotion of adoption; there is sure to be something for you!